Franconia's Finest JavaScript User Group

We connect JS enthusiasts and web hackers. Our events take place for 2 - 3 months at different hosts in northern Bavaria - better known as the beautiful Franconia. We love to unite our community with fantastic speakers, open-source projects, and companies.

­čöą upcoming 30.11.2023 N├╝rnberg 200 Seats


  • Upgrade Your Toolbox with IDE Extensions
    Max Kless, Nx
  • Beyond JavaScript: The CSS Revolution in Dynamic Web Experiences
    Erg├╝n Erdo─čmu┼č, Google, Chrome DevTools
  • Web development like 15 years ago: the new full-stack frameworks
    Sonja Feitsch, E2N
  • JS & USB - Connecting All the Things to the Browser
    Andreas Tennert, qupaya
  • Rethinking Bundling Strategies
    Tobias Koppers, Vercel, Turbopack, Webpack


Have you ever wondered why we can run free meetups with superb speakers, including food and drinks?

That's why:

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